Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Price, Quality, Time - Choose Two

When you work on any project there is a saying that you have to decide between Price, Quality, and Time - but you have to choose two. Nobody gets all three, and I completely agree.

When scoping out a project you have to be ready to sacrifice one of the three points in the project triangle.

I really appreciate this lesson as when I talk to folks who are about to embark on a project, they think they can get all three.

I think I learned this lesson the first time I had someone else working on a project for me. I ended up losing out on quality, which meant I did not pay a lot and the project happened fast. On the other side of it, the final product was less than great. It was a valuable lesson that you have to choose wisely.

There are many ways to start a project, but understanding that using an outside provider for programming, graphic design, marketing, consulting, or anything else coming from an outside source you need to choose between Price, Quality, and Time.

Post From: Eric Friedman

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