Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Case Study (Caso: Bank of America, innovaciòn en base a la experiencia del cliente).

Bank of America Home Ownership Center.

Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial service corporations with worldwide revenues of over $48 billion and a national workforce of more than 175,000 associates in over 5,880 banking centers. In 2003, Bank of America provided mortgage financing for more than 625,000 families.

Bank of America sought to deploy a touch-screen application that would help customers searching for homes and increase mortgage applications; boost home sales, awareness, and realtor referrals; and help differentiate its offerings and services from competitors.

Bank of America turned to InformationLogix, a leading provider of decision management workflow solutions, to build the Bank of America HomeOwnership Center. IntoMotion, an LA-based technology studio, was contracted to architect the Flash client application, provide graphic design, and implement the resulting user interface.

Combining IntoMotion's expertise in developing Flash applications and InformationLogix' expertise in developing backend system-to-system connectivity, the partners used Studio 8 with Flash Professional and Flash Remoting for .NET to create an application that bridges powerful consumer applications with high-end advertising.

"Flash and Flash Remoting for .NET was essential in overcoming the challenge of exchanging large amounts of data, in real time, with the Microsoft .NET server," said Jack Cardinal, president and solutions engineer for IntoMotion. Via Flash Remoting for .NET, data calls are funneled through a .NET Application Programming Interface (API) residing on the web server. This provides a seamless, real-time interchange of data between the Flash user interface and the Microsoft SQL Server on the back-end. "With Flash Remoting, the HOC can exchange objects and paged record sets with the server in real time. This greatly reduced processing time on the client and on the server and also streamlined our development efforts."

Developers • Ability to exchange large amounts of data in real time• Ability to exchange complex data types and paged record sets without serialization• Greatly reduced development time on both client and server.

Company• Strengthen existing and build new realtor relationships• Pre-qualify customers on properties near banking centers• Remote controlled display messages lure customers to the kiosk.

End Users• An engaging banking experience• Easily browse and sort properties in the local area• Use interactive maps, print all results, request more information by email• Check current mortgage rates, calculate payments• Search for local agents and loan officers.

Project Details
The HomeOwnership Center (HOC) is a unique and compelling intersection between high-end advertising and robust consumer applications. Set for deployment in Bank of America branches and associated real estate brokerages nationwide, the HOC is a Flash application that displays in a gigantic 20" x 40" Samsung LCD touch-screen and provides an exceptional research experience to prospective home buyers.

Each HOC is configured for a local market with each kiosk equipped with web-based administrative controls so bank associates and real estate agents can view inventory, update properties and images, and create scrolling marquee messages tailored to their prospective market. The application pulls information from the MLS database service and presents data with full screen display and interaction via the Flash Player.

Utilizing the Flash drawing API, , the HOC also serves up interactive maps. As you zoom in to your desired geographical location, new map areas are drawn instantly in real time providing an intuitive user experience. Maps and images are cached to minimize data loads by a system created in MultiDMedia Zinc.

As for advertising, when the kiosk is unoccupied, an Automatic Idle Display Mode (AIDM) kicks in. The AIDM cycles through eye-catching data and featured properties. When a customer approaches the kiosk, a sensor snaps the HOC into interactive mode. Simply touching the LCD with a finger, a customer can sort through available properties by price, details, and location.
After narrowing the search, a customer can calculate the future payments on mortgage loans based on current Bank of America rates with an on-screen calculator, or contact the bank to ask questions about a loan. At any point the customer can access up-to-date contact information on local real estate agents and bank loan officers.

Revolutionizing real estate financial services, Bank of America expects the HOC to increase mortgage applications, as well as sales, awareness, and realtor referrals. The financial service institution believes that the HOC will eventually give them an increase of two applications per FTE per month with a 70% pull-through rate.

"This exciting new breed of interactive digital display advertising allows Bank of America to advertise and facilitate the sale of a complicated, non-commodity product like a home or home loan," said Dana Keith, president of InformationLogix.

“Sabíamos enseguida que esta clase de experiencia de acoplamiento del consumidor era una idea muy oportuna junto con la combinación del flash, de Remoting de destello, y del jugador de destello, era la solución perfecta.”

Jack Cardinal,
Presidente e ingeniero de soluciones


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